Transitioning to the Common Core

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of presenting about the Common Core State Standards at the Educator Day of Discovery in Silver Spring, MD.  I went in expecting most of the educators that were going to come to the session to have little or no knowledge about the CCSS or the assessment consortia PARCC & SBAC.  I figured my colleague, Chris Meador, and I were going to have to start from the ground up.  Well, those educators sure did prove me wrong.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn how well informed they were and how they are already in the process of transitioning to the new standards.  They were quick to identify the areas that were clearly different from their old standards and how they are changing the way they are teaching to reflect these changes.  2014-2015 is creeping up fast, but it’s reassuring to know that the transition is happening and that there is an awareness of the whys and hows of this transition.

I want to hear more!  How are your schools and districts taking the transition?  Do you feel like you need more information and resources available about the Common Core State Standards or the PARCC and SBAC assessment consortia?  What are the biggest differences you are experiencing with the new standards and the old standards?

Below are some links to the consortia websites.  Whether your state is a part of PARCC or SBAC, they both have resources that I recommend taking a look at.


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