Rainy Day Idea For Data Use

I want to credit Shelly Strickland, a school administrator in the Taylor County, Florida school system for passing on this idea to me. At her school, Strickland uses those unfortunate rainy day recesses to put some exciting Discovery Education content in front of her students. Instead of sitting around with nothing to do, her elementary school children stay in the gymnasium and she drops a projection screen and uses her Discovery Education Assessment results to locate needs for continued instruction and then finds video resources in one click. She chooses the best video located and plays that video for the remainder of recess. Talk about making the most of a rainy day! Great idea Shelly.




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  1. Emily Hewitt said:

    Great idea for recess. We have health content set up on quck view. That way when PE is cancelled we have already planned our lessons during rainy days. Some students are now doing rain dances to see Discovery Education rather then bare the heat of South Florida.

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