Not Your Typical Work Place

For a lot of people, a day at the office usually entails 8 or so hours of sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen.  (TPS reports, anyone?)  While I admit to spending more than my fair share of time yelling at my laptop, I’ve also had a lot of opportunities here at Discovery to stretch my legs and experience some fun activities.

Just this week alone I was able to assist several groups of students find a clue hidden in the Customer Service department.  The students were from the Mooresville Graded School District in Mooresville, NC, and they took an 8 hour bus trip earlier this week with parents and educators to visit with Discovery Education and participate in a lot of cool events.   Armed with a list of clues and accompanied by a Discovery Ed employee, the groups meandered their way through the building, learning more about our organization.  Since I had two people out on leave that day, I put one of the groups to work and they all had smiles on their faces the whole time!

I also ran across another group with a rather exuberant Discovery Education leader, Craig Halper.  I haven’t seen Craig have this much fun in, well, ever.  It’s hard to tell, but I think he’s smiling in this picture. You can follow more of the students’ and educators’ adventures on Twitter, using the hashtag #DSNTrip12.

Yesterday I was able to view some of the third annual John Hendricks Innovation Awards and see a few of my Discovery Education colleagues represent our division with a win in the Cross-Company Collaboration category.  Congrats to Elisa Freeman, Scott Kinney, Courtney McGee, and Lance Rougeux for their efforts with the CEEMEA/Romania team that provides educational content and training to teachers and students in Romania, and to all the winners!

But, my time away from my desk this week doesn’t end there.  Friday is Discovery’s Impact Day where employees across the globe have an opportunity to volunteer at some great projects in their own neighborhoods.  I’m heading down to the National Mall to help beautify the area while members of my team will strike out on other worthwhile projects.  Stay tuned to Cache and Cookies for more details on all of our adventures!


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