Show teachers the MONEY with creative fundraising ideas for classrooms and school programs!

Try some creative fund raising for your classroom! I know teachers who have had success with “Donors Choose“.  You can also post your classroom at “Adopt a Classroom“, or even set up “registry” supply lists at sites like Amazon or office supply stores.  Don’t forget Discovery Education’s Kathy Schrock who maintains a list of grant site ideas and tips here.

I subscribe to Grant Wrangler updates delivered directly to my email so I will remember to read the list every so often.  You really never know what might come through as an opportunity for a simple or complex grant writing opportunity.  Some are based on grade levels, locations, subject areas, and other limitations.  Check it out here: Grant Wrangler.

Here’s how Grant Wrangler site describes itself– To share your experiences as a grant seeker, grant writer, grant winner, or grant giver, you’re in the right place. You can start a forum or begin with an Introduction.  To find free grant money for your classroom, free teacher resources, and apply for free grants, visit Grant Wrangler.

Here’s a success story of a successful grant writer who received a class set of iPads.

Summer would be a great time to try creative ways to find funding– writing a grant might be a great place to start.  Free grant writing seminars and tips abound online.

Post ideas of other ideas for classroom funding, grant lists, or news feeds below.



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