The Eleventh Podcast

Today Steve and I chat with a few members of team Canada. Tom Metuzals, Andy Schaefer and Erika Duffey. We talk Canada, new cool stuff for DE and #ourimpact.

Also, don’t you people like schwag? We didn’t receive any comments on our last podcast. There’s schwag in that one. This one too. For this one just leave a comment referencing anything we discussed…anything. We just want to know you listen, and maybe tell use where/how you listen.




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  1. Sarah Thompson said:

    So exciting that the Techbook is in 2 provinces! Can’t wait for it to launch in SK. Please, please renew our access for DEN Stars! I was just telling a new Star about it the other day – would hate for it to disappear before she has a chance to use it.

    A “smackdown” would be interesting to say the least! lol

  2. Stacy said:

    Nice to know that DEN is moving and being used with our neighbors to the north. I agree with Sarah..would not want anything to disappear. I listened to this at home on a Saturday afternoon….like all good teachers do…right?

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