What Do You Want to Learn?

Last week, I traveled to Greenville, SC for an Administrators’ Day of Discovery at the Upstate Technology Conference. Resources from all the day’s sessions are available here. I got to spend the day with principals, assistant principals, and other administrators sharing ways to use social media to build their personal learning networks (PLN). We discussed using blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest to learn and grow. One of my favorite parts of the day was during the last session when I posed the question, “What do you want to learn?” I shared a bunch of stuff I am learning about like square foot gardening, ham radio, couponing, and RV camping. A principal struggled with an answer, then said that he wants to be a master griller. His wife, also a school administrator, was seated beside him. She looked at him in shock and exclaimed , “REALLY?!” She had no idea that he had this interest. I think that building a PLN helps us communicate our passions. It may just be me, but sometimes I think expressing an interest is one of our first steps to learning.

Here are the resources from my session: www.scoop.it/adminpln

Here are the slides:

Where and what are you learning?