Impact Day at Shepherd’s Table

Remember our empty hallways and cubicles on Friday? I tracked down some of my co-workers making an Impact at Shepherd’s Table in Silver Spring MD, for the third year of Discover Your Impact Day.

Just what is Discovery’s Impact Day? Basically, it’s Discovery employees volunteering time in their local communities with the intention of making a positive impact. Discovery helps set-up some worthwhile projects all around the globe and employees are encouraged to participate, instead of spending the day in their office.

A big thanks to our friends at Shepherd’s Table for allowing us to lend a hand at their wonderful organization. Shepherd’s Table is a nonprofit organization providing basic services such as meals, social services, medical support and clothing to the homeless and those in need. To learn more about the organization please refer to their website

Bill, Johnny, and Kevin from our team were on site Friday. Here’s what they had to say about their experience.

Bill:  “Impact Day was great, and we got to help organize clothing donations and work standing up for awhile… so that was a change!”

Johnny: “I felt a sense of accomplishment being able to help people who are in dire need of proper clothes and shelter.”

Kevin: “It felt great to get out and make an impact in my local community.”


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