Florida Regional Science Institute 2012!

“Making Science Come Alive in a Digital World”

What a great start to the Florida Regional Science Institute 2012! A fantastic group of 38 Florida Educators have come together at UCF in Orlando. The theme for our 3 days together is “Making Science Come Alive in a Digital World”.  The Discovery team has once again hit a home run in planning and organizing. Our first event was dinner, a BBQ get together! Even the weather cooperated!! What a beautiful evening with a light breeze!!  We went right to work after dinner with our first session and who better to kick us off than Dr. Lodge McCammon. The participants had no idea what they were in for but had a fantastic time creating a one-take video to Geneology!!!  Next on the agenda was our hostess with the mostess  Ms Patti Duncan. Patti explained our project for the week, making a hot air balloon! And we broke up into groups to begin step 1 of assembly (pictures to follow).  We closed out about 9:30pm and a lot of chatter was heard all around, what a great time everyone was having. The only problem I am hearing is having to walk about 4 blocks to breakfast in the morning – guess they should have been in Boston and walked about 4000 steps (LOL)!!!! Well it is off to bed for me – so I can rise and shine for the “Breakfast Club” Science before breakfast!!! At least I can have a cup of coffee to get me started thanks to Kurig (I brought mine!).


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  1. Peg Hartwig said:

    Sounds like another great Discovery Education immersion! Thanks for the sneak peak! I will be joining in the DE fun at the DE science Institute in Indiana and can’t wait to delve into the amazing features of the techbook. Keep us posted!

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