Exploring Discovery Education’s YouTube Channel

YouTube can be a pretty time consuming website.  Whether you’re watching cats, old tv commercials, or Letterman’s Top 10 lists, you find yourself in a huge time suck once you hit that site.  Sure, these can be useful ways to spend your time, but I’ve got a better idea – check out Discovery Education’s YouTube channel.  Over the past week or so, we’ve be reorganizing the site.  We’ve added playlists to better organize the videos and added better descriptions and tags to the videos.  Did you know we archive our webinars on our YouTube channel?  Well, now you do.  Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing some videos and playlists from previous events/presentations/webinars.  We hope you’ll rediscover our channel.

Here’s our first “Blast from the Past” video.  Check out Steve Dembo sharing how Twitter can be used for networking. Share with this your non-Twitter using friends.


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