Not At ISTE? No Problem!

Thousands of people have converged into one area this week. San Diego. Quite a few people I know are in San Diego this week for the well-known ISTE Conference. I’ve attended and presented at several ISTE conferences in the past and I will say, it is definitely worthwhile. The amount of professional development and networking connections that you obtain in a few days are enormous. However, I will say, if you’re like me and you fund this type of conference out of your own pocket, this amount of learning (although priceless) can be very expensive.

So what’s a person to do when you are not able to attend this type of conference in person? Well, if you’re like myself and fellow DEN Star, Tim Childers, you joke around about how everyone is packing and getting ready to leave for San Diego/ISTE and you’re not packing and getting ready to not be at ISTE. The next thing we knew, amidst all the cajoling, the first (annual?) Not At ISTE 2012 Virtual Unconference was born!

Quickly an Edmodo group was created (NAI2012), presentation and discussion ideas were tossed around, a hashtag was put in use (#NAI2012) and even a logo was created!

The word is getting out via Twitter, (search the hashtag #NAI2012) and Facebook and things are taking shape! The schedule will be posted in the Edmodo group (NAI2012) as well as tweeted out before the various presentations. Please join us during this week of Not At ISTE 2012! You won’t be sorry!




  1. Jan said:

    Sounds great! Do you have the group code for the edmodo group?

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