The DEN Welcomes 56 New STARS Using the DE Techbook

The DEN is growing in leaps and bounds.  This month, over the course
of two weeks, we welcomed 56 new STAR Educators who are ready, and
willing to share with others how they use the DE Science Techbook. The
Techbook Instructional Implementation team held two institutes, one in
Texas and one in Florida, with the focus of connecting Techbook users to
their best resource…. each other!

The new STARS learned  about
“Flipping the Classroom” with Dr. Lodge McCammon, took workshops chock
full of instructional strategies, experienced a “Model Lesson” using
Techbook  and participated in the network and sharing experience “The
DEN Voice”.  They also were given the opportunity to participate in a
hands on experience and then build a lesson around it using Techbook

The focus of the last day was community.  Understanding
that Techbook users are in a unique situation, replacing their entire
curriculum and many using digital resources for the first time, we
encouraged them to plan future face to face events and networking
groups.  These  DEN subsets “TBD” (for TechBook DEN)  are also “To Be
Determined” in that they will take the shape and form of whatever the
members make them.  The goal is to get geographically close users of the
Science Techbook sharing and networking face to face, discussing the
challenges of making these changes and celebrating the successes.  

Tissue paper hot air balloons were launched with the message “The Sky’s
the Limit” and the new STARS left enthused and ready to go forward using
and sharing best practices for the DE Science Techbook.  One more
institute is planned for July in Indiana.

Please join us in
welcoming the new STARS and leave a message of welcome and
encouragement, letting them know how AWESOME it is to be an active DEN


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  1. Peg Hartwig said:

    Hey all! Congrats on your new, amazing professional learning network ! Besides the new great DE resources, you have become a significant part of 21st century learning and teaching! Remember to take advantage of the vast webinars and the blog posts as your professional development has just begun!

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