ISTE Recaps

The Annual ISTE Conference wrapped up last week and if you were following along on Twitter, you know there was a lot of information being shared throughout the week.  The days following the conference are always fun because people begin sharing their thoughts on the conference itself.  They share their experiences, their learning, and their fun.  I saw a tweet from my friend and DEN STAR Ken Shelton about an ISTE blog post we was reading.  He mentioned it was a recap of the conference.  I asked him if he was keeping a list of similar posts.  He mentioned that he wasn’t, but was just asking on Twitter if there were others.  This little Twitter conversation led to this tweet:








Brent, who I was not following, but am now, saw our conversation and put together a Google Doc that is now used for ISTE blog posts.  The idea is to have a central location for all recap posts of the conference.  In addition to others adding their own recaps, Brent’s been doing a great job of adding posts to the Google Doc as well.  I’m sure there are plenty of people who blogged from ISTE and didn’t add their posts to this list.  The conference itself does have a page of people who are blogging and you can find that list here.  If you’re interested in reading some thoughts from ISTE attendees, I encourage you to visit the Google Doc Brent put together or check out the other ISTE blog roll page.


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