The Twelfth Podcast

Steve and I hangout. If you can ignore the barking dog and military plans flying over head, you’ll hear us recap ISTE, our session and preview the DEN Summer Institute. Watch below or listen to the podcast.



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  1. Michael Doyle said:

    I enjoyed this session, embarrassed to say the first one I’ve seen. (I feel like I did when I jumped into The X Files 3 years after everybody else.

    Declaring embarrassment hardly warrants a comment, and is not why I am commenting.

    I hope that Discover never loses the human touch folks like you two, like Jen Orr, and so many others, add to the conversation. Lots of folks who proselytize technology give lip service to the idea that the stories come first. You two live it.

    (You could give Bob and Doug a run for the money–just need Steve to brush up on his Canadian.)

  2. Kristin Chaisson-Bombard said:

    Great to hear about ISTE. I tried to follow some things through Twitter but was much better to hear you two discuss it. I really want to try to watch some of the DENSI 2012 streamed live in a few weeks. If I can figure out mountain time that is..The line up looks pretty interesting. Shareski, I met you at an Unconference you did in the end of April for YRDSB (Ontario) and started following you on Twitter. So I guess I am becoming a bit of a Shareski stalker now. I especially like the tweets about the dogs and golf. Thanks guys.

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