DE Can Help You Get There (Intervention/Enrichment) From Here (Student Data)

Once again, I want to thank one of our Florida educators whose students take our Benchmark exam for asking a number of wonderful questions this spring. We are answering them one at a time this summer on the Assessment blog.

2. How does student assessment data relate to RTI needs for intervention or enrichment for students within the Discovery Education system?

Answer from Kathy Strunk, Special Accounts Manager



Interventions for struggling learners:

DEA’s RTI resource allows teachers to populate intervention groups with students identified as needing additional tutoring beyond the core classroom instruction.  The tool provides a variety of curriculum based measures (CBMs) that are helpful for monitoring student’s progress on foundational skills in reading and math.  These probes (5 item questions) may be given online in order for student scores to automatically load into the DEA RTI program.  The program reports the student progress in the form of a calendar and a graph.  The program also reports the student’s DEA benchmark scores as a part of the progress monitoring. The ongoing collection of DEA progress monitoring data provides teachers with real-time information for instructional planning.


DE digital content is organized by state and common core standards and by grade level.  This allows teachers to select resources for gifted and talented students to help them continue to push their learning trajectories.  Because DE’s curricular content is highly engaging and interactive, it offers the optimal instructional base for planning enrichment activities for the needs of these students.


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