Mousey Monday!

Mousey just wanted to take some time out to answer a question regarding Discovery Communication’s recent acquisition of Revision3. This valuable relationship will ensure that Discovery content can be made accessible through all forms of media, whether it’s through traditional television or tablet computing.

As always, if you have any more questions for Mousey, simply #mouseymondays on Twitter and Mousey will be sure to answer it the following Monday. And of course, follow us on Twitter @desupportstars and be sure to read our previous post regarding the new Back to School 2012 updates for the site!


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  1. William Chamberlain said:

    So the idea is to get more active in the mobil space. I think that is pretty smart and you picked a great channel to work with.

    I am enjoying the back and forth, but we need to work on getting more people involved. I like a captive audience, but… 🙂

  2. Jonathon Hwong said:

    As always, thanks for the support William! We’re definitely trying to get Mousey out there so other educators can involved.

    Keep on putting out a good word for Mousey! We really appreciate it.

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