We’ve Moved and We’ve Upgraded

Hey Canadian subscribers,

You may have already gotten an email about a new way to login to Discovery Streaming.

Beginning July 1, 2012,  you must login to your Discovery Education Canada account through DiscoveryEducation.ca. Attempting to login using DiscoveryEducation.com will result in an error message.Also, do not forget to update your bookmarks to reflect this change.

In an effort to move content to Canadian servers, we’ve moved your stuff to a giant computer somewhere in Toronto. At the same time you’ll notice a whole new look for Discovery. This is the new 2012 Back to School revamp.  Among some of the new features is cleaner interface, the ability to rate videos and a youtube-like quick playlist. We’ll be providing some specific tutorials and support but we think the changes are pretty sweet and is a testament to the commitment Discovery has to providing teachers and students with great experiences and learning opportunities. If you run into trouble with the new login or interface. Here are some quick ways to get support:

Phone: 1-800-323-9084 (you always get a real, live person)


Twitter: http://twitter.com/DESupportStars