One Teacher’s Journey to Inspire Others: Spotlight on Glenda Moton

On May 19th we hosted a Day of Discovery in Miami. About a week ago DEN STAR Glenda Moton from Miami-Dade County Public Schools reached out to us to share what she had done after being inspired by a “Flipping Your Classroom” session (delivered by the talented Emily Murn) she attended at the DoD. Below is her story along with the flipped video that was created in her PD session.

Thank you Glenda for taking the time to share this with us, and for sharing your new knowledge with others. This truly is what the DEN is all about!

Embracing Technology through Flipped Classrooms: One Teacher’s Journey to Inspire Others

By Glenda Moton

When I attended a Day of Discovery earlier this year in Miami, I was excited about attending one of the break-out sessions titled, The Flipped Classroom. I had no idea what a Flipped Classroom was, but I was excited to learn about this new phenomenon that is captivating our classrooms.  As participants rushed to get a seat in the first session, it was evident that it was going to be fun and engaging because there was standing room only.  Somehow, I managed to squeeze into the corner of the room and waited with anticipation as everyone else did.  As the session began, I knew this concept was going to change my perception about introducing technology in the classroom on another level.  For me, attending this workshop was not just another breakout session, but a quest for me to become familiar with a cutting edge concept that would benefit both teachers and students.

As I listened to the Discovery Educator facilitator introduce the concept, I was inspired about what I heard and immediately thought about introducing it to teachers’ who were planning to attend a Science Professional Development workshop I was conducting in June. I thought to myself, “What a great way to introduce technology on a low budget without breaking the bank”; the only thing I needed was a Flip Cam Video.  And so, my journey began when I introduced the Flipped Classroom concept to the participants in my workshop, and asked them to collectively develop a paper slide video that would depict the instructional strategies they learned and planned to implement with their students in the new school year. Much to my surprise, after discussing the concept, every teacher assigned to a group was committed to presenting a great paper slide that would represent their creativity and the use of technology in the classroom.  Each group had approximately five minutes to create their paper slide video and then present it to the workshop participants.

OMG!!!!  The results were amazing and every teacher was inspired about what they had produced with just a few minutes of collaboration and creativity.  Afterwards, teachers were waiting in line with their flash drives to get a copy of the video.  Many of them realized the impact in introducing such a simple concept with the click of a video cam button that can be integrated across various disciplines in the classroom through reading, writing, math, social studies, and science; the possibilities are endless.

At the close of the workshop, the final presentations for three workshops were developed on the following topics:  Instructional Strategies, The 7E’s in Science, and IAN and Jose (Interactive Notebooks and Journal of Science Exploration for ELL students).  The framework for these videos is amazing and encourages teachers to embrace “The Next Wave of Learning, Beyond Just Books.”



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    This is awesome. I think I will incorporate the foldables into my next lesson plan.

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