How Hard Is it To Leave a Comment?

If you’ve ever started a blog or posted something to facebook, you no doubt understand the feeling when someone responds or leaves a comment. I often tell the story of the first person to ever comment on my blog over 7 years ago. His name was Casey Hales and he’s a special educator from Texas. Casey’s early words of encouragement helped me to realize the world could be much smaller and community, real community was possible. In many respects that simple act of kindness took me to places and connected me to people and ideas that could never have imagined.

Every time I leave a restaurant, store or an airplane, I’m careful to say thank you. It’s such an easy thing to do. I used to be much better at commenting on other’s work and I need to get back to that. When I introduce blogging to my undergrads, I always talk to them about the importance of commenting but I think I need to emphasize it even more. My most recent course ended over 2 weeks ago but a few of them are still posting. Today I watched as that student received a short but wonderful comment from a stranger. I know how pleased and encouraging that was for me, I know it meant a lot to my student as well.

So this little rant and rambling is simply to encourage you to make a little more effort to leave a comment. There are some great people here on the DEN blogs writing some great stuff. Send a note of encouragement, ask a question, challenge one another respectfully but leaving a comment is actually pretty easy. It’s hard to quantify what that means to people but even though I’ve written hundreds of posts I can tell you it’s a wonderful thing to know someone reads your work and thinks it’s useful. So I’m challenging you to make it a priority to leave a few words of encouragement both here and elsewhere on the web. It makes us all better.



  1. Ginny Washburne said:

    Great post Dean! Still being new to blogging I can attest to how much it means when someone comments on a post. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Carolyn Stanley said:

    I heartily agree, Dean. I know how posting to a blog and pouring your heart and lots of time and energy into your posts can leave one feeling dispirited when no one appears to be reading, none-the-less feeling inspired to react to your message. It only takes a few moments to acknowledge that something that someone has posted has affected us and given us a different viewpoint or a new connection. I hope that your post reaches lots of folks who will take the time to comment on at least one other person’s blog and that then spreads. We can all make a difference in another’s life- one post or one comment at a time.

  3. Dean Shareski (@shareski) said:


    I know there’s a #comment4kids hashtag to make people aware of student blogs but I wonder if we might do something for teacher blogs? I’m thinking maybe a way to support our DEN members with their sharing efforts.

    • Carolyn Stanley said:

      That sounds like a great idea. You got three comments on your post. I wonder how many others read it and did not comment. I’m not sure who would select the blogs to be included in #comment4teachers – but perhaps there could be a Google doc which collects blog addresses from teachers who have initiated blogs but feel frustrated when it appears no one is reading them. Of course, it comes down to a matter of taking the time. Thanks for the inspiration. I will tweet out your blog post and hope it inspires others to comment here and on other teachers’ blogs. There is so much richness available to us all in learning from others.

  4. Sharon Howell said:

    I enjoyed this post. Your title, “How Hard Is it To Leave a Comment?”, is really the question. For some of us it is very hard. I personally would rather be the reader and just absorb all the good things out there. I am learning, however, that I need to learn to give too. Perhaps I do have something to share, something to give. Thanks for the encouragement.

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