Track Growth By Benchmark Subject

Thanks again to one of our Florida educators whose students take our Benchmark exam for asking a number of wonderful questions this spring. We are answering them one at a time this summer on the Assessment blog. 3. How do I interpret student growth by standard?

Answer from Stacy Hayes, Psychometric Research Analyst

Discovery Education’s Benchmark exams are not built on vertical scales specific to a single standard or reporting category so there really isn’t a simple way to measure growth at that level.  When we talk about growth we talk about it at an overall “Reading” or “Math” level.  At the reporting category or standard level a teacher could look at percent correct and the percent proficient.  If these two values are maintained then generally the class is growing at an average rate because those two factors generally stay the same.  If they improve then they are growing at a faster than normal rate, and if they go down then they are growing at a slower than average rate. Progress Zone is also a great tool that can be used to measure growth by specific standard or sub skill in between Benchmark exams.


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