Techbook Academy

Discovery Education hosted Techbook Academy for its employees yesterday and today. Discovery Education High School Science Techbook and Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook are the focus of this two day event.

These products are the next “it” thing in the education industry, and are awe-inspiring. My colleagues and I got this great opportunity and we used it to learn more about Techbook. Here is what my colleagues and I had to say:


Me – “The DE High School Science Techbook is challenging, but in a good way. The ability to update our Techbooks as new scientific information becomes available is priceless. The DE Social Studies Techbook puts a new spin on the way students learn about history. Students are encouraged to play the role of historian; analyzing the information they are given and coming up with their own conclusions on what they believe occurred in history. Where were these products when I was in school?”


Payal – “I am so excited to be a part of this revolution called Techbook. Techbook is a great product that thrives on pushing interactive teaching and learning to a new level. Techbook not only has given us a better way to learn but it also reaches out to all types of learners. Whether you are an auditory, visual or kinesthetic learner or all three; Techbook reaches to all in a way traditional textbooks cannot. Yes, I do wish I could go back in time and use Techbook to learn. It is awe-inspiring. Can you tell I am in love with Techbook?”


Kevin – “Today was fun! We got a chance to get together with our fellow DE team members and look at the progress that has been made on the HS and SS Techbook. It was great to see the vision that the Techbook folks have for the HS and SS Techbooks, and see how they envision the product being used in the classroom.”


Dan – “The Techbook Academy was an informative experience that shows the innovation of education and technology at its best. The new Techbook products are a true testament to Discovery’s combination of expertise, creation and vision. With a preview of where education is headed in the information age, it was exciting and helpful to partake in these series of seminars.”


Josh – “The Science Techbook 2.0 demonstration was very cool. The amount of information that students and teachers will have at their fingertips is extraordinary. I found it interesting that although science standards change from state to state that key concepts and basic information will remain common according to the CIT (Core Interactive Text) which is similar to the text a student would read in a standard textbook. The Reading Passages would serve as the journals. I think the 5 minute preps will also change the way teachers grab their students’ attention at the beginning of each class. I found the presentation to be very informative and instructional. I think it will be a remarkable tool implemented into Science education.”


Bill – I really enjoyed both the SS and HS sessions. It’s exciting to get an advanced look at the new products, and it is impressive to see how much work and planning goes into them. They definitely look like they will be a big success. I also really enjoyed the implementation presentation, and it was really interesting to see what happens, end to end, from the initial agreement, to purchase, to the finalization of the sale.”


We are all excited about the new DE High School Science and DE Social Studies Techbooks! Keep checking back here for new updates!



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