DENSI 2012 is here!

Today is the first day of the DEN Summer Institute in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. I’m Elaine Plybon, and I’m one of the camp counselors for the institute. Here are some of the ways I will be keeping everyone back home updated on the events at DENSI.

I will be posting quick, unedited video snippets called DENSees throughout each day.  These will go out on the DiscoveryEd Twitter feed, as well as the Facebook page. The first one has already been posted – if you’d like to see what our rooms look like, head on over to Twitter or Facebook and take a look at DENSee #1.

At the end of each day, look for a daily recap on the blog – these might include video, podcasts, or whatever else happens to fit that day. I welcome any suggestions or requests – just post a comment here if you are at home, and find me if you are at the institute.

Of course, the great DEN team will also be doing live streams and reporting each day, so stay tuned!


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