DENSI daily recap: Day two

Daniel Cox giving educator, Allison Bakken, camera tips during the bus ride

Today we had a field trip to Yellowstone National Park. We loaded onto three large buses and drove for three hours to Wyoming to see Old Faithful. Participants were given a photo challenge and around four hours to hike, walk, or just sit and enjoy the view. Porter scheduled it well – we loaded back onto the buses and it started raining almost immediately, so we were there the perfect amount of time. Yellowstone was beautiful. You can take a look at the photos being uploaded on Flickr.

Since we were at Yellowstone all day, some might think it was all about sightseeing, but true to DEN style, we had professional development during the three hour trip. First, each bus had a tour guide that gave us information about Montana, Yellowstone, the flora and fauna and geological features. We even saw a bear, an elk, and a bison. The PD didn’t stop there – Daniel Cox, who is a professional photographer, spent time in each bus giving everyone tips on how to get the best picture out of the cameras they brought with them.

After dinner, Allison Bakken was given the DEN finger. Allison has been a great resource for DENSI participants – she made several trips to the airport on day one, has made several drives to Walmart, and even provided transportation to the hospital for one participant. Allison shows true DEN spirit!

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