Meograph, a new application that uses Google Earth to make digital storytelling easy goes live today. I have previously posted about this application, and today you can sign up for your own free account. Meograph is like Photostory meets Google Earth, and makes adding geographic tags, images, and information from Google Earth to a digital story very simple and easy. Currently Google Chrome is required to use Meograph effectively. I have created a very simple Meograph that you can view below to show how it can be used as an introductory activity during the first days of school. It can also be used as a digital storytelling tool to allow students to show off what they know. I look forward to using this tool with my students, and assisting other teachers in using Meograph in the language arts and social studies classrooms.




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  1. Cediel Romero said:

    Excelente herramienta web 2.0 para hacer exposiciones academicas.
    Lo utizaremos en nuestro proyecto TIC en Colombia para que los estudiantes aprendan a expresar sus conocimientos con 4 herramientas en un solo formato

  2. Evelyn said:

    Is meograph still a useable app? It looks like something my students would find useful.

  3. AnkitSaini said:

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