DENSI daily recap: day three

Today waDEN STARs doing the DEN Shuffles the first day of the conference-style learning for DENSI participants. The day started off with camp counselor, Rita Mortenson, leading the group in the DEN shuffle. Once we were all awake and ready to go, the keynote speaker, David Warlick delivered a talk that got us all thinking about how we handle information in today’s world. He talked about how we are a culture that asks questions since we hold the answers in our phones, and are becoming a culture that likes to have fun.

After the keynote, DENSI participants had several choices of sessions to fill their day, including two hour workshops and 50 minute sessions. The chatter amongst DENSI STARs was enthusiastic and by DENnertime, that familiar glazed look appeared in their eyes. Some were even reported to have steam rising from the top of their heads. In all seriousness, though, DENSI participants began to understand the importance of taking it all in, then sorting out the one or two take-aways they will work with for this school year. There were live streams all day, and the tweeting was nearly constant, with the exception of occasional internet service outages. The archives of sessions that were live streamed will be available soon on the DEN blogs.

Two of the DENSees for today featured educators giving six words to describe their DENSI experience. If you are currently participating in or have ever participated in a DENSI, tell us what your six words are by posting a comment!

Tonight is the traditional DENmazing Race. So far, 22 teams have signed up, so there should be plenty of competition for the teams. There is a storm blowing in, and when I say blowing, I mean gusting, so it should be interesting! Stay tuned!


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