Hall Davidson: Totally Fake Ways to Blow Your Kids’ Minds with an iPad at #DENSI2012

As mobiles like the iPad developed great apps for cameras, microphones, sensors, images, an imagination, there is a lurking potential for playfulness. Can iPads really see through the human body, X-ray inanimate objects, see through metal, detect emotions, and print out rocks? It appears that they can — or you can certainly make it seem like they can. Join the inimitable Hall Davidson as he shows you totally fake ways to blow your kids’ minds with iPads. And a total reveal of all trickery.

Always a sharer and a classic presenter of the different, Hall always shares his materials. Check them out. Ready to go on a whirlwind preso. Hall says that these devices are so powerful they can do almost anything. The presentation is “somewhat whimsical,” and Hall promises to tell all. A special shout out from Hall to Denice Grice–Hall says you take him everywhere for many reasons.

Hall began with having everyone showing their impact by stomping their feet. Then he took Denis’s heartbeat. The apps on iPad can really do amazing things in real life. More diagnostic than a seismograph, Hall turned to a whistle. He cautions you need to use gaffer’s tape. Get a neutral background, and then you can see an x-ray of the device, the ball in the whistle.

Next new trick: x-ray the human body. The image on the left is the app; the image on the right is a beating human heart. You can also scan yourself. You can take videos from streaming and drag it into the background and do some cool effects, all while x-raying the human body with Green Screen FX app.

Green Screen FX impact: check the image to the left. Like the skeleton to the right? Check out Brain Scan app, which also allows different interior views.

Take an iBook format, this one on windmills. The audience volunteer blew and made the windmill move. From Al Gore‘s book, Our Choice. The magic of the tablet is ubiquitous. The next goodie is a breathalyzer. You can turn the chemicals in your breath into a personality graphic. It takes breath data and turns it into a tone, a reflective personality tone. When you touch the circles (right image), the tone emanates.

The next app analyzes your face and lets you know what you are. Hall body scanned Mark J. Perlman, and the app said he was a detective, using QR Voice.

Now for the reveal, for Hall’s Handouts. All the tricks and how he accomplished them are on the handouts link listed. Hall keeps updating his lists, so keep checking the list.

You will also want to check out TheDynamicDavidsonQRcode.

A special thanks to Hall for a dynamic presentation.



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