Kyle Schutt: Spelunking for Resources ~ Free Tools from Discovery Education at #DENSI2012

Kyle Schutt is part of the Discovery Team and part of what he does is let us know Discovery does. And that’s A LOT. How would you even know some of these things are there? That’s Kyle’s job. His resources can be found by clicking here. This presentation is about the gems of DE, and we’re using! As a curation resource, this site is hard to beat, aggregating everything in one neat virtual space. A bit of a “fire hose” presentation, guess it’s time to batten down the hatches and run with the show.

Kyle opened with the DEN blogs and sequed to the Weekly Updates. The next site is free by logging into Discovery Education or by clicking the Free Teacher Resources. But what’s great about! is your direct links are already there.

Web 20.12 is one of the best resources in your Web 2.0 journey. You can select from mobile tools, videos, Kathy Schrock’s blog, tips, tricks, and a host of wonderful things curated in a theme flow, again in! Together Counts is a great free tool for health and fitness. Collaborative, community-based, with potential for global outreach and interconnectedness. This site is also a free resource for schools to build a healthier learning community and energy balance.

Power Up! is a game-type interface for healthy living; it enables healthy food choices from a super-human food toolbox. Clever way to engage young students in healthy habits. A partnership with Toyoto, Heads UP, is a way to encourage safe driving habits without sensory overload. Challenges and obstacles and distracted driving pitfalls are part of this awareness-building interactive hands-on site partnership with Discovery Education.

The Siemens Challenge–We Can Change the World–is another virtual labs, eBooks, interactive cool tools site that mimic science tech books. Students love this challenge because it is real-world based and gives project control and autonomy to the students. It also has the opportunity to make a difference in the school community. The Siemens STEM Academy is a virtual classroom, a multi-faceted program for DEN STARS who can attend a ten-day research trip with scientists. Hugely valuable for archived programs. I’ve attended many of the webinars and can attest that they are phenomenal.

Explore the Blue (a favorite of mine) works around a game interface and is especially good for elementary and early middle school students and teachers. Creativity with an avatar/profile enables students (and teachers) to work interactively, letting you learn as you fish virtually. Excellent for an urban school. Can you tell I’ve spent some time on this one. This site is a stand-alone that does not require a DE login. Audience interaction suggested Symbaloo and Sqworl as curation tools too, since everyone has his/her own toolbelt.

Egg Farm to Table is a wonderful (archived) Virtual Field Trip and another great resource for urban schools. But a truly overloaded resource is the Science of Everyday Life. You must visit it, because it houses a multitude of other sites all aggregated into this one place. Each site also have wonderful archives.

 Nature Works Everywhere is a brand new free resource from Discovery Education. But an all-time favorite is Curiosity. Love this site.

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