Mousey Monday

Happy Mousey Monday! Thank you to Brian and Janet Hallstrom for voicing their enthusiasm for Professor Mousey. He appreciates all the love!

Brian asked, “What has been the overall reaction from the parents” (in reference to Discovery Education products)? Click on Professor Mousey to find out.

Parents often call the Discovery Education Support team to learn more about our Homeschool products, how to use the free resources on our site, to purchase DVD’s and to inquire about new releases.

Our online Store offers Discovery Education streaming products for homeschool use, due to rising popularity amongst homeschooling parents. Parents either go to and click “Store” on the far right top of the page or go directly to Under search, type “homeschool” to get results on all Homeschool products available.


Parents can choose Discovery Education streaming Base or Plus for their Homeschool subscription. Parents purchasing the subscription for the first time can use the “New Subscription” option, and parents returning to renew their subscription can choose the “Renewal Subscription” option


Discovery Education streaming as well as other products are available to homeschoolers to purchase online at your convenience!

Schools that have subscribed to Discovery Education digital services can provide their students with a Discovery Education username and password to log into Parents can use their child’s log in to access Discovery Education services and see what their child is seeing.

We’re happy to hear Professor Mousey is winning more of you over! He can’t wait to hear from more of you, so tweet your questions and comments with #mouseymondays!


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