Unlocking Creative Potential with Adobe Youth Voices

In an exciting partnership with Discovery Education, The Adobe Foundation’s Adobe Youth Voices Essentials Curriculum is helping educators unlock students’ creative potential by weaving digital media-making into their everyday teaching practices.

The result? 

Oneisha Freeman, an afterschool program coordinator in Atlanta, Georgia, experienced first-hand the effects of using media to engage young people.  With the Essentials “Moment of Truth” curriculum as her guide, Ms. Freeman led her students in using digital tools to tell their stories.   She urged her students to create videos that, as she put it, “hit you in the gut.”  Using simple flip cams and laptops, the students engulfed themselves in the entire creative process: from brainstorming and storyboarding to production and video editing.

One of Ms. Freeman’s student groups produced a video in protest of an impending school closing.  The video received 800 views on YouTube, and the Atlanta City School Board expressed how much they were affected by what the students had done.  Most importantly, the school stayed open!    In order to create change, “the kids had to do it themselves,” Ms. Freeman said— a feat made possible by Adobe Youth Voices Essentials.

Register for Adobe Youth Voices Essentials today to check out these students’ inspiring digital media projects.  Then motivate your students to unlock their potential and create their own.