New Sally Ride Content Now on DE

After Sally Ride’s passing earlier this week, we were able to update our digital services with a new clip from The PBS NewsHour discussing her work with NASA as the first American woman in space as well as her legacy of inspiring young people to seek careers in science, math, and technology. The addition of this title is a great example of our ability to address current events in a timely manner within our products and illustrates one of the many benefits of digital technology in the classroom.

The clip can be found here. Below is a brief synopsis of the video:

Known for being the first American woman in space, Sally Ride dedicated her life to inspiring young people to engage in science, technology, and math through the thrill of space travel. The program looks at Sally Ride’s life and ground-breaking work within the NASA space program as well as her passion for science education. The presentation wraps up with a discussion on her legacy.

For grades 3-12


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