Connected Educator Month Day 2 & 3 Schedules

Yesterday was the first day of Connected Educator Month and all day long there were kick off activities, including an evening keynote session with Chris Lehmann, who gave the keynote from a friend’s apartment in New York.  Connected Educator Month is about community.  The events shared this month should be participatory, you shouldn’t just sit back and soak up the information, get involved, join the discussions.

The activities continue today and tomorrow.  Below you’ll find the schedule for Days 2 and 3 of Connected Educator Month.

Day 2 (August 2) Kickoff Schedule

11:30AM-1 PM  ET Keynote Kickoff: Douglas Rushkoff, Author, Teacher, Documentarian  Progam or Be Programmed: Commands for Education’s Digital Age   About Douglas Rushkoff

1-2:30 PM ET         Connected Education and Serving Every Student, From Gifted To Special Needs   (Panel and Open Discussion)
Panelists: Jenifer Fox, Kathleen McClaskeyLisa Nielsen, and Ira Socol; Tracy Gray moderating

3-4:30 PM ET         It’s Personal: Personalized Learning For Students and Educators   (Panel and Open Discussion)
Panelists:  Mimi ItoBarbara BraySteve Nordmark, and Sylvia Martinez, Darren Cambridge moderating

5-6:30 PM ET          Beyond Top-Down: Distributed Leadership & Teacher-Led Change   (Panel and Open Discussion)
Panelists: Shelly Blake-PlockSuzie BossLisa DabbsBill Ferriter, and Shelly Terrell; Steve Hargadon moderating

7-8:30 PM ET          Kickoff Keynote: Larrry Johnson, CEO, The New Media Consortium   About Larry Johnson

Day 3 (August 3) Kickoff Schedule

11AM-12:30 PM ET Kickoff Keynote: Connie Yowell, Director of Education, the MacArthur Foundation
About Connie Yowell

1-2:30 PM ET          Point/Counterpoint: Issues and Debates in Connected Education   (Debate and Open Discussion)
Debaters:  David Thornburg, Alan November

2-3:30 PM ET          Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due: Incenting and Recognizing Teachers for Their Investments In Learning
(Panel and Open Discussion)
Panelists: Al ByersDan HickeyClaudette Rasmussen,Ruth Rominger, and Eric Sheninger; Tom de Boor moderating

3-4:30 PM ET          Connected Education and The First Six Weeks of School  (Panel and Open Discussion)
Panelists: Suzie BossLyn HiltJane KraussDavid Rosas, and Kate BertenSheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Andrew Gardner

5-6:30 PM ET          The Sun Never Sets: Connected Education Around The World   (Panel and Open Discussion)
Panelists: Ed GragertLucy GrayVicki DavisJulie Lindsay, and Anne Mirtschin, Steve Hargadon moderating


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