Announcing Our Back to School Promotion!


It’s August and whether you’re ready or not, school will be starting shortly.  It’s also Connected Educator Month, a month centered around community and learning with others.  With this in mind, we are pleased to announce an exciting Back to School promotion with our friends at PhotoPeach.  The promotion starts today and ends August 24th.  The idea behind this promotion is to collect your favorite back to school tips to create the best database that can be shared with educators across the world.  Here are the details:

Your tip(s) must fall into one of three categories:

  • Getting Ready – these are ideas to do before school starts
  • The First Day – ideas for the first day of school, ideas for the teacher as well as things to do with students on the first day
  • Settling In – getting routines established, communication with parents, etc. things to do during the first few weeks

The first 350 DEN members who submit a tip will receive a FREE one year PhotoPeach Premium Subscription.

Read more about the promotion and submit your tip(s) here!


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  1. Renee Mealing said:

    My teacher tip is for the first week of school. This is the time to lay down the foundation for the entire year. Routines, rules and procedures can be boring, but remain a must!! Make you procedures into a game! Role play class scenarios such as “sharpening a pencil” or “passing out notes” and the make sure to show the incorrect way and the proper way. Students love this! Choose the most difficult student to show the “proper” way- that way you can remind them individually that they know the routine! Once you’ve taught all the rules and procedures, practice, practice, practice!! Review using a jeopardy SMART game to check for understanding. Have fun!

    • Carolyn Buck said:

      I just realized that there’s a link above your comments that takes you to the form to complete in order to be recorded as one of the 350 responders. It’s at the end of their description.

      I posted mine here, too, and then happened to see the link.


  2. Maria Knee said:

    As a Responsive Classroom© trained teacher, on the first day of school I ask, “What are your hopes for this year?”. Since they are 5 year olds, their responses include learning to read, making new friends, playing outside, learning math, making, painting and building things and having fun. Sharing our hopes creates a meaningful context for establishing classroom rules. After we know each others hopes, we have discussions about the rules we need to help everyone’s hopes come true. The rule building takes several days. First we brainstorm what we need to do so that everyone can have their hopes come true. Then we sort our list according to self, others, and school. Lastly we make 3-4 general rules that cover each of the categories, such as Take care of myself, Take care of others, Take care of the school, Do my best work. We practice what it looks like and sounds like if we follow our rules and we refer/revisit them through the year.

    More information can be found at

    • Jonathon Hwong said:

      Hi Maria!

      We appreciate your detailed tip for the upcoming school year! You can actually submit it at the link provided in the blog post. That way, you’ll definitely be in the running for the prize!


  3. Carolyn Buck said:

    The first day of school can be exciting and stressful all at the same time. To make things run smoothly, in addition to lesson plans, write every activity on the board so the kids can see what’s coming next…and you can stay on track.
    1. Have assigned seating the first day so students will feel a sense of belonging. At their seat, make sure there’s something they can work on, whether it’s a puzzle, student questionnaire or just something to color.
    2. Take attendance, and try a “Getting to Know You” activitiy

    3. Introduce yourself with a creative powerpoint with lots of pictures. Kids LOVE this. They really enjoy seeing their teachers being “real” people. 🙂 I like to have the students play a True/False game about me BEFORE I show them the ppt. I make up statements about me and they have to guess true or false. Put in some silly statments, too.

    4. Collect Supplies, Create Notebooks/Folders for specific subjects

    5. Assign lockers/cubbies

    6. Rules and Procedures — and Practice a LOT!

    Enjoy the first day, and your students will, too!!

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