DENSI 2012


Not sure what to say about this awesome Institute in Bozeman, Montana. Once again the DEN Discovery team out did themselves! The Florida DEN was well represented with veteran and new Star members!
A few of us met prior to the start of DENSI2012 for an awesome day of Saddle and Paddle! Again Florida was well represented 3 of 12  I was lucky enough to meet up with 2 new FL DEN stars Kristina Spencer and Scott Erikson!  Saturday we all headed to MSU and met up with all the DENSI 2012 participants!   Of course Montana was in the middle of a heat wave with no air conditioning we were definitely missing our Florida air conditioning but not the lack of humidity!
Reed Timmer from Storm Chasers came out to do our opening session!! Sunday Morning we put on our DENSI t-shirts, loaded on to 3 buses and headed to Yellowstone National Park!!!! On our ride to the park Daniel J Cox ( shared photograph tips. Check out his facebook page!  Yellowstone was AWESOME – we arrived at OLD FAITHFUL with a Bison in front to greet us!! One of the many treats for the day was the Huckleberry ice cream! Monday started the week long institute!! Great sessions, great information, great company an overall great time.  Some of the session were live streamed and will be archived so look for them coming soon!!!  I am unable to recommend any one session ‘cos they were all so good!!! In addition to the Discovery team sharing their knowledge many of the DEN Gurus in attendance shared their expertise!! Tuesday afternoon, Steve Dembo introduced the unconference to the first timers and facilitated the planning!  Another great day of Professional development was experienced by all!  Thursday Morning our final day, Wes Fryer and his daughter shared “Playing with Media”. Each evening we gathered for various social team building activities – Amazing DEN race, Ice Cream Social and Arts and Crafts, DEN Hoe Down to name a few of the organized events – all followed by social gatherings in the lobby to share, help, play & dance until the wee hours of the morning!
I am not going to say it’s over because its not – DENSI is never over! we continue to connect through Edmodo, facebook, email, twitter, etc…. and some even connect F2F before the next DEN event. So if you were lucky enough to attend DENSI 2012  connect with a DEN member or 2 that did not and share what you learned and show them how they can get connected and keep this awesome group growing!!! DENSI2012 Pay it forward!!!
To view more pictures of DENSI2012 Go to Flickr and search #DENSI2012



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