It is so easy to be impatient

I am a gardener.  I spend time with seeds and the dynamics of seeds.  I have learned some thing s about seeds.

Not all seeds planted will germinate.

Not all that germinate will survive.

Not all of the eatable food that may be produced will be eaten by humans – ground hogs, deer, rabbits, racoons,etc. may get to it first.

And, on and on . . .

The point is that planting seeds is not an assurance of being able to enjoy a boutiful harvest.

I still plant seeds.

I still take care in the quality and focus of my deeds.

As we work toward change, how we work matters.  It also matters that we are not realize that reality of process and change overtime.  If we are committed to something then our deeds matter.



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  1. Peg Hartwig said:

    Great thought to start the school year on. Thanks for sharing!

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