Mousey Monday

Mousey is super excited about Discovery’s Shark Week! So, for this week he will tell you what Shark Week means to him and how he feels about sharks. Click on Professor Mousey to find out his answer!

Mousey is not the only one who is excited about Shark Week, check out some of the ways Discovery is getting you excited for Shark Week.

Countdown to Shark Week: ….right down to the last second!


Check out Discovery’s Shark Week Twitter @SharkWeek! Discovery’s Shark Cam shows you the Ocean Voyager exhibit at Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA from 6:00am to 11:00pm EST. Thanks to our partners at Ustream for providing us with a way to alleviate the pain from extreme anticipation for Shark Week!

For our Cache and Cookie readers who are close to our Silver Spring, MD headquarters:


Swim by here on Friday, August 10, 2012 for another Shark Week post to get you ready for the Shark Week launch on August 12, 2012!


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