DE Science Techbook Access for STAR Discovery Educators

We are excited to announce an exclusive promotion for all STAR Discovery Educators.  Discovery Education and 3M will be providing access to the Discovery Education Science Techbook for the entire 2012-2013 school year.  Your access will be active through June 30, 2013.  You are being rewarded with this service as part of 3M’s ongoing support of initiatives designed to engage more students in science across the country.  We hope you find these resources useful and that you continue to explore the possibilities with your students.

We will be hosting several webinars to help you get familiar with the techbook and provide an overview of this great resource.

To access your state’s version of the Discovery Education Science Techbook, visit the link below.  Please follow the directions carefully when setting up your new Techbook account.  Note: You must be a current STAR Discovery Educator to access this promotion.

Techbook Access for STAR Educators

Remember, maintain your STAR status.  Make sure to report your activity to keep your STAR status active. Simply log into the DEN site and click on “Report Event.”

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