Back to School Tips from the DEN

Our Back to School promotion with PhotoPeach is off to a great start.  DEN members across the continent have been sharing their favorite tips and tricks.  The promotion runs through August 24th and we’ll share the entire list of responses with the community, but as entries come in, we thought it would be great to pick a few to share every now and then.  If you haven’t submitted your favorite back to school tips and tricks, what are you waiting for?

Here are a few tips that fall in the “Getting Ready” category:

  • From Karen McMillan – This year, one of the best things I’m doing to get ready for the new school year is to follow the hashtag #1st5Days which was started by Alan November at #BLC12. Some great ideas coming through that stream!!
  • From Stacy Kasse – One of the many things I do before the school year begins is I always reach out to my students’ parents before the start of the school year. I ask them to write a letter (a million words or less) about things I need to know about their child. This is due at Back to School Night. The students love to know that their parents have homework.
  • From Molly Hay – Create a file folder for each month. As you get different ideas, file them under the month you want to implement the idea. Also, as you do things during a particular month, file a copy in the folder. At the end of the year you will have everything at your finger tips for a year end summary.  You will also have all your monthly ideas ready for the following year.
  • From Valerie Burton – I create screencasts to introduce the students to our online sites and basic classroom routines.  These videos can also be shared with parents so that they know what is to be expected in my class.
  • From Mary Kinne – Before school starts. I found it to be a very positive start to the school year to call each student’s parent and say ‘Welcome to my class’. A short intro of me and what is expected during the coming year put the anxiousness of the new class and teacher at ease and let the parent know you are the kind of teacher who cares. This cuts down on my stress, also. Parental support increased and student complaints to parents were not given much credence! Win win, all around.

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