DEN Summer Institute – THANK YOU!!!

Let’s face it, gather over 100 educators, stir in some DEN-tastic professional development and you have the makings of a fairly AWESOME week. It’s taken me a while to process the tips and tricks I picked up from my colleagues (and I’m still finding notes hidden in various iPad apps!).

The purpose of this post is to not only thank the DEN Team, but to also thank those companies who were beyond generous when I reached out to them to ask for some ‘door prizes’ for my ‘Round ‘Em Up!’ session.  These are services or products which I use and which I believe in.

So without further ado, and in no particular order, I’d like to thank the generous people from:

Ipevo – a portable document camera which is always part of my ‘tech bag’

Adonit Jot Stylus for iPad – I never could use those rubber nibbed styli, and the Jot fits the bill with a clear disk so you can actually see where you are writing!

My ABSOLUTE favorite screen capture – SnagIt, as well as Camtasia for screen recording – TechSmith

And to help get me into ‘Country’ mode, I listened to my Country Playlist (heavy on Luke Bryan) and my powerful portable iHome speakers.

BrainPop is another of my go-to animated video websites which I use in my classroom.

How do you satisfy the analog need in a Digital Diva? With a LiveScribe pen of course! Not only do my students use the pen, but I can quickly take notes and transfer the information to my Dropbox or Google Docs account. If you haven’t seen one in action yet, head over to the website and view the videos. (And just a FYI – you’ll want either the 4GB or 8GB pen.)

And speaking of Dropbox – no more, ‘I forgot my flash drive at home.’ Not only can I upload documents and photographs, but I can share those files with others.

Want an easy way to visually display bookmarks for your students to access? Look no further than Symbaloo Edu! My favorite is using a student’s avatar on a tile and then they know that when they go on the computer, they can only go to their tile (perfect for Kindergarten students in September!).

My Side-by-Side browser on the iPad allows me to view two webpages next to each other on one screen (perfect for when I’m doing a compare and contrast).

Once again, a HUGE thanks to those companies who provided door prizes.



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