Day of Discovery at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago!















The 2012 Day of Discovery was held at Chicago’s very own John G. Shedd Aquarium this past Monday! A very different experience for me, as I was used to these Day of Discovery events being held at various schools instead of an actual, full-blown aquarium. In fact, the teachers were each given a wristband that allowed them to enjoy the aquarium after the event wrapped up.














I manned the Star Bar, ensuring that teachers go into their sessions with all their basic questions answered. If they needed their username, I got it. If they needed a password reset, yep, that’s me. If they needed to know if their school was activated, they called for Johnny. If Steve Dembo fed them wild questions so that they could stump me, well, that was a reluctant Johnny as well. Thanks, Steve.















I was able to sit in on a few of Steve Dembo’s sessions regarding the new features on the site, as well as iPad integration with the service. Steve’s introduction to the new features was well-presented; he drummed up significant excitement for some of the new features being rolled out for Back to School. His knowledge of various computing hardware also helped in making teachers more comfortable with further integrating the iPad with the classroom. He recommended several gadgets that could provide wireless projection for teachers to use so that they won’t have to rely on tangled wires. It’s great to see that in addition to knowing a lot about the Discovery Education service, Steve was able to go far beyond and recommend ways to efficiently integrate our service in a normal classroom setting.















Chicago was an absolute blast and I just wanted to thank the Shedd Aquarium for being so accommodating, the presenters for their amazing knowledge about our services, and the teachers for bringing their endless excitement and enthusiasm to another excellent Day of Discovery!


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