iPads and Science: Take a Discovery Nature Walk in SC

Educators (K-12) bring your iPads and take part in an educational nature walk down the historic Columbia Riverwalk. Along the way, Karen Ogen will show you how to use various iPad apps and tools to document learning about science and nature. Upon return, we will convene at Carolina Wild Wings on Gervais, for a FREE buffet dinner where you will learn how to compile your images and data into projects. You will be introduced to the SC DE Science Techbook.  *No family members please, educators only.

Monday, 8/27/12 * Rain date Wednesday *8/29/12
Meet at the Gervais Street entrance to the Columbia Riverwalk.
Bring your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone.
Dress comfortably- we will be walking!
Directions to the event and a list of apps to be downloaded will be provided before the event.
Wifi will be available at dinner.

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    Interesting blog that you explain in your blob about the science or any discovery and this is best way to convey the information to other through the ipads.

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