More Back to School Tips from the DEN

Our Back to School promotion with PhotoPeach continues and we’ve got a few more tips and tricks to share.  Recently, we shared some tips from the “Getting Ready” category of our promotion.  This time around, we having some tips from another category.  If you haven’t submitted your favorite back to school tips and tricks yet, you should join the party!

Here are a few tips for your “First Day:”

  • From Lindsay Morhart – The first day of school I strive to learn my student’s names. I play an adjective game. They need to use an adjective to describe themselves and it must start with the same sound as the first letter in their name. The second student goes, they must say the first students name and their own. This continues until it is my turn and I must recite all of the names.
  • From Todd Nesloney – Have FUN with the kids!!!  Play lots of games and don’t be afraid to act like one of the kids.  Let them know that you can get down on their level and really connect with them.  I always play lots of just crazy team building games that have nothing to do what actual skills I’ll be teaching that year.
  • From Nancy Porter – Give kids cameras and let them video 30 seconds of their expectation for the school year or what they are excited about learning.
  • From Sandi Dennis – I always take pictures of each student in the media center with the first book they check out for the year and loop them as screen savers on the media center computers.  It is a great way to showcase library books and the kids love to see their friends and themselves onscreen!
  • From Leslie Bussey – Have photos and things ready to share with students about MYSELF.  This helps to connect with the kids immediately and to let them get to know me. Then they each get to do the same.  The students get to bring in photos and artifacts to share about themselves. This helps to build a long lasting class community.

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