DENvisory Board Election Results

This year, we’ve added a new level of membership within the DEN. Our DENvisory Board, consisting of 5 DEN Leadership Council (DENLC) members, represent the DEN community at-large, provide feedback to the DEN Team, and help guide and shape the future of the Discovery Educator Network. The elections are complete and it’s time to share the results. ALL DEN Members were invited to vote in this election. The DENvisory Board members will serve a two-year term representing YOU on the DENvisory Board.

We had a tie in the votes, so 6 DENvisory Board members were elected:

Jan Abernethy
Lea Anne Daughrity
David Fisher
Cheryl Lykowski
Rita Mortenson
Cheryl Woolwine

Take a moment to read some of the great things the community shared about each nominee:

Jan Abernethy– “She is what DENthusiasm is all about!  At every DENSI Jan has been a one-woman welcoming committee – mingling and getting to know everyone’s name and where they are from.  I also appreciate all the ways she integrates technology and FUN into her classroom.  I wish I lived in PA and my kids could have her for a teacher!”

“Jan has a great DEN spirit, she takes what she learns and brings it back to the students. I love reading her class wikispaces. She is caring and reaches out to other DEN members to join projects and to have fun learning together. She would be a wonderful representative for us LC’s and STARs.   #1 finger for Jan”

Tally Burkhart – “Of all the people on the list who deserves my vote, Tally’s the one whom I most feel represents the “We the People” that are the DEN. We need people who are well grounded in what it means to give each and every DEN member support wherever s/he may be. Tally is about inclusion and giving to one and all.”

“I have been to a couple of DENSI’s with Tally over the years and she fits what the DEN is looking for. She is inspiring and motivating and a great all around person.”


LeeAnne Daughrity – “After reading all of the candidates entries, these words stuck with me, ‘I love learning. I love helping people find the courage to speak and to become experts at something they enjoy. I love finding and spotlighting the best in people.’  I love the enthusiasm expressed by all of the candidates but this expression really captures the core of teaching for me and  really made the difference in my decision.”

“I don’t know of a more pumped up person to help lead and advise!”


Mary Del Bianco– “Mary is a STAR. She is committed to Discovery and has been a leader for the state of Maryland. She is an innovator and has a vision for the use of technology in instruction and how Discovery Education fits into that vision.  Her leadership and passion would be awesome for the DEN.”

“I have always loved working with Mary. She is not a “yes” person. She likes to hear different points of view, get information, and develop creative solutions. Mary is a true advocate for teachers! A great organizer, she organized our MSET conference one year and did an outstanding job!”

David Fisher – “I personally know this extraordinary gentleman who embraces all that DE is in his classroom, his conference presentations and in his conversations”

“David, made me feel like family at the DENSI2012!  David is an active listener, which is not always a quality of a good teacher.  This quality is what makes David a great teacher.  He would be a great voice for all educators as a DENvisory Board representative.”

Monique Liles – “Monique is such a pleasure to know.  She demonstrates what the DEN is about: connecting, sharing, spreading the joy that is membership in the DEN.”

“I have worked with Monique and she has a passion for what she does. As I work with teacher candidates, they would benefit from Monique’s passion. However, even more those educators who have been “around” and “have lost their passion”; could benefit as well.”

Cheryl Lykowski – “Cheryl has been extremely active in helping spread the word about DEN events, participating in events, and taking on the roll of “ambassador”. She would make a great advisory board member!”

“Cheryl brings experience, relationships, dedication and knowledge to the DEN.  She has been a part of the DEN for number of years and never wavered.”


Eileen Malick – “Eileen’s enthusiasm for Discovery Science is off the charts! You only need to spend a minute with her and she’ll be telling you about new tools, resources and exciting news she wants to share with her colleagues. I call on Eileen often for her professional expertise in all things Discovery. ”

“I think that she is very involved and would represent the DEN fabulously!”



Rita Mortensen – “I think Rita is open minded and considers all options as to what is best for the most DEN colleagues.  She is a well rounded educator with significant experiences in a wide range of 21st c learning opportunities.  She is dedicated and committed. ”

“Rita is a true leader. I only met her briefly at DENSI last year but I find that the DEN runs through her blood. She is a great pick for the board.”


Betsy Ruffin – “I appreciate the fact that Betsy, even though she is retired, loves the DEN so much that she wants to continue supporting it and still promotes it in her district. I have just entered a very similar scenario, and I hope to remain actively engaged with the DEN and to continue promoting all the wonders that our district’s subscription to DE affords. Learning and engagement need not stop upon ” retirement” as Betsy so aptly models. ”

“They were all so awesome! I was most impressed by the fact that Betsy is retired and still committed. Discovery is in her blood! What a great collection of educators to choose from!”


Cheryl Woolwine – “She is a wealth of information and makes people feel comfortable when they don’t understand something. She is passionate about education and people!”

“Cheryl Woolwine is not only a wonderfully kind and caring person to be around but is an advocate for those that need it most.  She is an expert in her area and her passion for her life’s work is evident whenever you see her in action!! ”








  1. Anne Truger said:

    WOW! What an amazing team! The DEN is in GREAT hands!!!

  2. Tracie Belt said:

    I know this will be a great year for the DEN. This is an outstanding advisory board. I know that everyone on this board are not only dedicated educators, but are people who care about making the DEN a great place for teachers to support and learn from each other.

  3. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence and the kinds words. I am truly honored to be working with a fantastic group of DENeducators! Thank you to all that voted and Congratulations to the DENvisory Board – I look forward to working with you all. Thanks also to the fantastic DEN Discovery team for giving us this opportunity!

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