Even More Back to School Tips from the DEN

If you’ve been following along, you’re aware of our Back to School promotion with our friends at PhotoPeach.  The responses from members of the DEN Community have been awesome and we hope more come in!  If you’re interested in a premium subscription from PhotoPeach, there’s still time – share your favorite back to school tips here.  We’ve already shared a some tips that have come in here and here, but we figured it’s time to share a few more.  You, like many other educators, are probably getting ready for the year so here are 5 more tips from DEN members to help you prepare for the upcoming school year.

  • From Cheryl Lykowski – My best tip to prepare for the new year is to immerse myself in DE Webinars … either live or catch up on the archives of the ones I missed or need to review! Great classroom and learning tips!
  • From Judy Beam – To learn about students who are new to you, create a Google form to collect information about each student.  Be sure to add a place for them to ask you a question and a place for them to tell you something you might need to know about them.  Post the link to the form on a web page that introduces you to them.
  • From Selena Ward – One thing I like to do before the next school year is to calmly reflect on what didn’t work last year. No need for reasons or excuses why it didn’t work, just solutions to make it better.
  • From Mark Jankowski – To get ready for the school year, a teacher needs to get away from everything for a few days. Leave the computer, phone, school work, etc behind and just re-energize for the long year ahead.
  • From Thomas McLaughlin – Check your class roster and see if your school has pictures in the grading system (or yearbooks). You can then learn all your students names before school starts.  It is a very cool thing to see when you greet a student by name on the first day of school.



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