The Back to School Tips Keep Coming In

We are very pleased with the number of tips and tricks submitted by DEN members as part of our Back to School promotion.  The kind of activity confirms how awesome the DEN really is.  Educators from all over are willing to share, it’s what makes the Discovery Educator Network the best.  If you haven’t shared your tips yet, there’s still plenty of time – look for the form on this page.  Here are more tips to help you get ready for the school year.

  • From Toni Plourde – I like to make sure I have plenty of rest and enthusiasm the week before school starts. I take time to prep plenty of visual schedules, visual instructions, and a variety of visual games to engage our special needs students. Thousands of searchable ideas are found on  I like to prepare myself by attending an edtech conference or two and trying at least one new idea a year.
  • From Jan Abernethy – After I obtain a list of my students, I create accounts for them in all online programs we use such as: Discovery Education, Book Adventure, Spelling City, Glogster,Edmodo, Gaggle, etc.  I then create a half page sheet for each student (using Word) with all of the links to programs and their passwords. I give a copy to each student to tape in their agenda.  I save the file in Dropbox, so I can access it when I need it. I copy and paste from the file each students information and email it to their gaggle account and their parents.
  • From Sonja Hollis – My best preparation for the new school year is meeting with my grade level team and backwards mapping the year with all holidays, school and district events and what not. We then plan out year and it keeps us all on track and prepared.
  • From Deborah Wrobel – Make sure all my computers are ready to go for the first day.  Microphones, keyboards, headphones are all neatly placed and in working order.  I also load/remove all the desktop icons needed for the first month so the home screen is not cluttered.
  • From Jennifer Jensen – As I set up my classroom, I like to take some time and do a “run through”. This allows me to check the way students will be moving around the classroom – around tables, chairs, etc. I can then identify possible problems with students transitioning and/or moving around the room.

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