Helpful Tip: Updating Student Grades

This very special blog post comes from our very own Beau Horner:

A lot of you proactive administrators out there are already getting your ducks in a row for Back-to-School time. We’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries about how to update student grades in our system. This can be achieved by utilizing our Bulk Import tool, and made easy with the magic of Excel.

If you are unfamiliar with the Bulk Import tool then you can get to it by going into My Admin and clicking on “Bulk Import/Update Users” on the left side of the page. Once on that page, click on the Update Rosters tab and find the box for Student Rosters (pro tip: It’s the second box from the left). In that box there is a User Guide, Example, and an awesome Video Tutorial which I highly suggest watching, seriously you should watch it. Since the video covers the basics of exporting the student data and how the process works, I’ll just go over the Excel magic to update the grades. Yes, I am an Excel nerd.

When you export the data it has all the old grades that we need to update. Start by inserting a column to the right of the Student Grade column.

Next, click into the cell next to the first grade on the list, and enter “= J2 + 1”. When you enter this function it will take the grade in cell J2 and increase it by 1.

Next, auto-fill that function all the way down the column (you may need to copy/paste it in case some grades are missing). Auto-fill it by double clicking the tiny little black box in the bottom right of the highlighted cell.

Now you have the updated grades with a few oddities we have to fix. The first is obvious, we can’t add numbers and letters, they just don’t get along. So for the K grades you will need to manually input 1 for them (a super job for copy/paste). For the 13 graders, you will probably want to archive them, if so change their archive flag to “Y” (don’t update their grade to 13 or the system will reject it). Once everything looks good, copy and “paste values” that data into the original Student Grade column (you need to paste values so that it pastes the actual number instead of the function).

Now you can delete your extra column to return the headers to normal.

Save your file as a .csv and upload into the website.  The system will validate the data within 2 hours and the changes will be made overnight. It may seem tricky to work with thousands of student entries but Excel can make things easier. Have you ever used the vlookup function? Swoon.


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  1. Carolyn Stanley said:

    This was an extremely helpful post, Jonathon. My colleague and I used your very clear directions to update our database entries just before school started. Imagine, it’s taken me this long to get a response to you. Anyway, thanks. This is a post I’ll be archiving for future reference.

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