Back to School Tips from the DEN Community

Our Back to School promotion with the PhotoPeach ends in about a week.  The DEN Community has been sharing a lot of great tips and we’ve shared some here, here, and here.  Well, we have even more to share with you.  These 5 tips are from our “Settling In” category – tips to help you get settled in once the school year begins.  If you haven’t shared your favorite back to school tips and tricks, you should.

  • From Christine Southard – Update the front page of your website monthly with short narratives of what you’ve accomplished in school that month and what you hope to accomplish in the next month.  This information is very helpful to parents and helps them feel connected! Happy Parents = Happy Children = Happy Teachers = Happy Students = Happy Parents
  • From Nancy Foote – I have an all-inclusive permission slip that gives me a photo release, permission for the kids to watch video clips of movies that may be rated PG-13, permission to take the kids to the park next to the school, and any other permissions I might need.  These are on bright colored paper so that even I can’t lose them  I teach 8th grade science.
  • From Tim Kubinak – I like to put as many communication lines out as possible in the first month of school. I have a blog, I tweet, I make phone calls to every parent/guardian, and our school/grade level hosts 3 orientation sessions within the first week of school (including prior to school opening)! This year, I am adding an Edmodo page for students to start learning even before the year starts!
  • From Beth Weeks – Having things ready for students like computer login cards, and desk name tags are helpful.  If students have to learn to open locker have something inside to congratulate them on getting into it.
  • From Tina Tomczak – I review all the lessons and materials I have planned for the first few months to make sure everything I need is ready to go.  It means a lot of long hours in the beginning of school, but then I know the rest of the year will go smoothly.

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