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You have to be wondering if the Back to School Tips and Tricks will ever stop!  Well, not yet.  DEN Members have been submitting their favorite back to school tips with the community as part of our promotion with PhotoPeach.  We sure hope you’ve submitted your ideas on what you do this time of the year.  Here are 5 more tips for “The First Day.”

  • From Marla Robles – Two very important things for the first day.  First, greet all of the students at the door.  Smiling and speaking to the students sets a great tone for the school year.  The other important thing is to have work for students to do out on their desks.  It matters.  Students get the idea that they will have to work in your class from the time they walk in until they leave and it gives them something productive to do with their time.  Just make sure it is something you will put on the wall later, or discuss as a group or use as part of an activity during class.
  • From Suzanne Casey – My classroom is the computer lab so we tend to discuss roles and responsibilities (mine and theirs) in our special room as to how we treat equipment, each other, our digital selves, and our work.  We establish mutual goals and talk about what we hope to learn during the year. (I use WallWisher to get feedback).
  • From Erin Misegadis – I start my classes with procedure and structures but always end with about 10 minutes just about me. I like to let my students know that mine will be a classroom that has high expectations, but also that I am a human which means I have a family, friends, personal interests and a life outside of school that makes me a better teacher.
  • From Cathy Houchin – Take a picture of the students and have them write a brief statement about themselves.  Make it into an epub or ibook and add to it every quarter or during special events.  What a great scrapbook at the end of the year. The parent’s will love it.
  • From Susan Schultz – I hand out an envelope to each of my freshman students. I have them address it “To the Parents Of” and their name and address. Mid semester, I send a note home telling the parents what I like about having their child in my class. It feels great to send positive thoughts home to the parents, and many parents have shared that they really love hearing from me.

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  1. Peg Hartwig said:

    Thanks for the compiling and sharing of such great ideas! I love reading them and considering is I can integrate them, or if I have another twist. Keep Em Comin’

  2. palmer lawson said:

    New teachers as well as us vets neet all the tips we can get to get a jump on the start of school.thanks for sharing

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