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Did you know that Closed Captioning is available on a majority of Discovery Education videos and for most video formats? Yes, it is! Winnie Kwok from our Sales team had asked us to spread the word about Closed Captioning in Discovery Education videos and what better way than to have Mousey show you for #mouseymondays.


Find Closed Captioned Videos

You can narrow down your keyword search by filtering for only the Closed Captioned videos. For example: a search for the “Magic School Bus” can be narrowed down to only videos with closed captioning by selecting the “Closed Captioning” option under “Video Detail”.


Helpful Tip:

We recommend selecting one of the Web Media Streaming Settings for your video format to view Closed Captioning with all of its bells and whistles including changing text size, color and even the background color.


Select the Closed Caption Settings by clicking the   icon to turn Closed Captioning On or Off, or to change the size or color of the text or background.  The best part is that once you have selected these settings, you do not have to select them again; they will be saved under your account for when you login the next time.

The Web recommended file formats also provide an option to download Closed Captioning for videos you may choose to download.

Helpful Tips:

1. When downloading videos with Closed Captioning remember to download both files to the same folder!

2. Choose the download type next to the “Choose Download Type” menu compatible to your PC or MAC!

Something else Mousey wanted to share with our users is the new Transcripts option for Web recommended file formats! The entire dialogue including timestamps in a video are listed out for our users!

Professor Mousey is excited to highlight these important features and functions offered under Discovery Education resources.

Be sure to visit Help or tweet us @DESupportStars with the hashtag #mouseymondays for more information about Closed Captioning. We love hearing from you, especially Mousey!


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