Back to School Webinar Series!


The Discovery Education webinar series continues this week, this time focusing on engaging your students with Discovery Education! There will be two sessions, with the first session being held on Wednesday, August 22 at 7 PM EST and the second session being held on Thursday, August 23 at 4 PM EST. The general information for this week’s webinars are as follows:

Engaging Students with Discovery Education

Put the power of learning at your students fingertips through Discovery Education’s Student Center. With unique logins students can browse grade-specific content and access personalized assignments anywhere they have internet access. In this webinar we will demonstrate new ways teachers can deliver resources to motivate students, engage higher order thinking, and achieve curriculum learning goals with the support of the Classroom Manager.

For the Wednesday event hosted by Max Brooks, please register here. For the Thursday event hosted by Patricia Fowler, please register here.

There webinars are part of a long series of webinars that are designed to help educators better understand the potential that Discovery Education has in the classroom. The complete line-up of the sessions can be found here.

We hope to see you there!



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