Is 200 A Lot?

Do you think the number 200 is a lot?  In pennies, maybe not.  In worms, yes.  In grains of sand, no.  In Back to School tips?  Of course!  Our Back to School promotion with PhotoPeach has had almost 200 DEN members submit at least one tip.  Are you one of them?  If you’re not, it’s okay, because we’ve decided to extend our promotion through September!

That’s right, you can still submit your favorite tips and  tricks to be included in our master list, which will be shared next week.  We know some schools haven’t started yet, while others have been in session for a couple of weeks so we  thought we’d give the community even more time to share their knowledge with the educational community.  We know you want to see the huge list of tips, but for now, you’re going to have look at the 5 tips below that were recently shared.

  • From Vicki Arrington – I like to create back to school surveys so that I can get to know my kids. When we send out a welcome card, I include the link and I also post it on my webpage. This is a great way for me to start connecting with my students.
  • From Karen Wells – Since I conduct some of the technology professional development for my school, I make sure that free web 2.0 tools are still free, that all accounts have been updated, and that all my new teachers are ready to enjoy their Discovery Education accounts the first days of school.
  • From Ivette Avila – With all the new changes adopting the Common Core, I’ve gone the extra mile and have read some great books such as Reading Like a Historian and Less is More and they both are great resources that will work great with Discovery Education.  It’s inspired me to see the sources in a new light and for me that’s really exciting.  Thanks discovery for allowing me to discover again.
  • From Robin Robb – Create Welcome Back to School Postcards with a picture of the classroom, class pet, or field trip event. These can be created in paper format or email format. Include in the welcome back note portion to return the postcard for a surprise. When students return their postcards have them pick from the class treasure box or allow them to choose a pencil of their choice. The return reward is at teacher discretion. This welcome back is a fun way to introduce yourself and start the year off building relationships with students as well as their families.
  • From Jon Nakano – Have former students post on Wallwisher any tips.

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