Announcing DEN Connects

Have you ever wanted to connect your class with another but weren’t sure how to get started or what to discuss? This summer at the DEN Summer Institute a group of STARs got together to find a solution. On behalf of the community members who worked so diligently to get this idea up and running, we bring you DEN Connects – a program that will provide discussion topics around DE resources and help you connect with your most valuable resource…each other!
Every month, DEN Connects will provide a theme, mini-lessons, digital dive scavenger hunts for students, recommended Web 2.0 applications, and opportunities for your class to connect with other classes participating that month. During the first month, we are focused on connecting 3rd-8th grade classrooms around a theme of Citizenship, but all educators are able to join by simply differentiating the lesson to meet the needs of your students. We look forward to the ideas, suggested themes and extra sets of hands from other community members who will help shape these experiences as we move forward.
We invite you to join us for the initial launch and starting connecting your classroom with others around the world. Your level of participation can vary depending on the time you have available to connect. This month we still have the Olympics fresh in our minds so you can earn “Bronze” status by having your students complete the Digital Dive and sharing the mini-lesson. Gain “Silver” status by connecting class-to-class through video-conferencing. Go for the “Gold” by taking part in our Web 2.0 integration strategy of the month.
For more information and to sign up visit
For questions about this project, or how to get more involved, please email
Thanks again to all the STARs who helped pull this collaborative experience together. We can’t wait to see what it becomes and hear about the wonderful connections that are made.


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  1. Kristina Spencer said:

    This is an amazing opportunity to encourage teachers to collaborate classes, utilize all aspects of DE, and get more people involved in the DEN! Very exciting!

  2. Allison Bakken said:

    I am SUPER DUPER excited for another DENmazing experience! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to connect others from around the world. This will benefit my students in my rural setting immensly!

  3. Melissa Robison said:

    I have been looking forward to this program all summer. It is going to be a fantastic opportunity.

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